Liquid Torem 60mL 60mgs/mL

Liquid Torem 60mL 60mgs/mL

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Liquid Torem (Torem) is a drug in a class called “selective estrogen receptor modulators” or SERM’s for short. A SERM has selective estrogen receptor binding abilities and will help oppose the actions of estrogen at the binding receptors Torem effects (breast glands for example). This has led to Torem being researched in the treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, Gynecomastia and to treat some side effects related to androgen deprivation therapy, like osteoporosis.

Torem has a very good oral availability and has been shown in research to be very effective at causing an increase in follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and testosterone levels.

Torem has also shown a very positive effect on sperm concentration, mobility and quality in male research subjects. This is of interest to researchers because all these things play a big role in fertility and with Torem we can now further research into infertility and possible treatments for this condition.

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