Liquid YK-11 30mL 10mg/mL

Liquid YK-11 30mL 10mg/mL

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YK11 is a promising new research compound found to be an agonist of the androgen receptor (AR) leading it to be classified as a SARM. YK11 research has also found it to possess a great ability to inhibit myostatin. These qualities have led to its growing use in muscle wasting/building research. YK11 activates the AR without causing unwanted side effects commonly associated in anabolic/androgenic research of the past.
YK11’s ability to inhibit myostatin plays a major role in its muscle and tissue building qualities. YK11 induces “myogenic differentiation of C2C12 cells and the expression of follistatin”. Follistatin plays a vital role in the tissue building and repair of many species and research notes; “increasing the amount of follistatin, resulted in greatly increased muscle mass”. This is clearly an important aspect to the anabolic effects seen in YK11 research and shows it’s a multifaceted compound with a wide array of research opportunities.

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