Anabolics 2007 by William Llewellyn

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"This is not just any steroid book. This is William Llewellyn's ANABOLICS 2007, the most trusted reference guide by the most trusted name in steroid research. The new hardcover encyclopedia-sized 6th edition boasts nearly 1,000 pages pumped full of vital information including more than 200 drugs profiled and the largest steroid picture library with 3,000 full-color photographs. ANABOLICS is the #1 selling steroid book in the world because it is the BIGGEST and the BEST.

Here's a Sample of What's New in the 2007 Edition:

* The Anabolic Steroid Section has been ENTIRELY REVAMPED for 2007 - A new layout, and hundreds upon hundreds of new pages of info you won't find anywhere else!

* Dig Deep into the Steroid Vault - Comprehensive details on many powerful compounds you've probably never heard of, like Neo-Ponden, Emdabol, Thioderon, Roxilon, Methosarb, and Anabol 4-19!

* Learn about the Most Recent Advances in Testosterone - Like Nebido and 20 AET-10, which require only 4 injections per year!

* Get Details on the Latest 'Designer Steroids' - Drugs the IOC probably doesn't even know about yet!

* Learn What the Pro's Really Use - More actual stacks used by some of the world's top bodybuilders!

* Take the Guesswork Out of Buying - Revealing lab test reports on more popular steroid products than ever before!

* Uncover the Latest and Most Sophisticated Counterfeits - Detection information so accurate it is used by Police Forensics laboratories for identification purposes!

ANABOLICS 2007 puts the vast array of performance-enhancing drugs under the microscope, including an in-depth drug history report, extensive clinical prescribing and study information, and effective real world usage guidelines for just about every steroid imaginable. With over 1,000 pages this newest edition is packed to the rim with over fifteen years of tireless research and uncensored hardcore fact. The volume of information you will have at your fingertips is literally mind-boggling! See for yourself why William Llewellyn's ANABOLICS series is trusted by more physicians, pro bodybuilders, top athletes, professional coaches, and law enforcement officials than any steroid reference book in history!


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