Liquid T3 30mL 150mcg/ml

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Liquid T3 (T3) is a thyroid hormone (TH). T3 effects energy expenditure and lipid metabolism in the body. This is a very important function because without the right levels of TH energy and cognitive function would decline while fat gain could rise. T3 has allowed for further research into treating a condition called hypothyroidism, along with research into the function of TH’s in the body and how they induce their actions.

T3 plays a big role in metabolism and energy expenditure in the animal world and has been shown very effective at inducing fat loss. This is of great interest to researchers because as we know, people with bad diets and/or thyroid dysfunction will usually have a very unhealthy acclimation of fat. With further research into T3 and compounds like it, it may prove very helpful to these conditions.

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2) Short Term Thyroidectomy-Induced Hypothyroidism Causes No Change on Serum Adipokine Concentrations.Kaplan O, Uzum AK, Aral H, Uzum G, Tunali V, Demir O, Planci KN, Kesmezacar O, Ozbey NC.

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